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  • “Dworkin would be delighted to surf the blogosphere since it brings the opportunity of finding many potential critics of the highest calibre, like Daniel M. Harrison … Mr. Harrison's blog is an interesting, inspiring and excellently written collection of opinions and experiences.” -Professor Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School, BizDeansTalk
  • "Well written ... please continue your good thinking." - John Nesheim, bestselling author of "The Power of Unfair Advantage"
  • "I am very impressed with (this) blog and will be adding it to the Execupundit blogroll ... The business world can certainly use a person of (Daniel M. Harrison's) caliber." - Michael S. Wade, Execupundit
  • "He'd be welcome in my class anytime." -The Unknown Professor, Financial Rounds
  • "I love this blog" - Harish Palanniapan



  • Seeking Alpha Certified


  • Seeking Alpha Certified

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