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November 10, 2005



Hello! I just read your very impressive profile. You have a wonderful way with words, great insight, and a teriffic blog.


Wonderful insight. You should post this article in some e-zine, this would make hundreds of people think. And think hard. ;)

Daniel M. Harrison

Thanks to both of you: I think it's always useful to use criteria from an alternative discipline to asses the 'fullness' of the picture.

Great idea Corsarius: any suggestions (of e zines) in particular?

fredd kambo


In all the hoopla about Google and "the new frontier", many people have been tempted to see Microsoft as a has been whose time has finally come.
And yet, this same scenario played itself out exactly ten years ago with the advent of Netscape and the Internet. Let history be our guide.....
As you point out, Microsoft has the treasure chest to launch a credible fight against any competitor. It also has some of the smartest engineers and marketing people, and some of the most competitive executives in business, let alone the tech industry.
It has been widely reported that 2006 will be a bumper year for the company in terms of releases and innovation and coupled with the undeniable good value of this company, I have no problems in asserting that reports of Microsoft's death are greatly exaggerated.


I'm not really an expert, but maybe you can submit your article/s to You can also try to do a quick Google search for tech e-zines. If people get to read your article, then chances are they'd click on the link of the author's byline -- bringing them to this weblog. :)

Another good avenue might be I tried it once, and a decent number of readers dropped by my space.

Good luck, friend!

Shawn T Lippert

I love your well written article, and your views. Microsoft has been around for quite a while, and be it so Google has risen like an infant on steroids.I see Partnerships with companies looking for shelter as they collectively gather their resources. Changes are happening fast, Where will this lead us? Do we follow where the money is? or do we go with popular demand? Wherever we go with these giants, its the consumers that will have a final say in it. Sometimes it is hard to except change with our daily tasks that now include Microsoft, we usually tend to side with a company we feel comfortable with as we are with Google and Microsoft. I think they both however should stick too what they are good at. Microsoft should stick to developing new software amd Google should stick with its robust Search Engine and Advertising. As for my household and I we will continue to use them both together for the best internet experience.

David O Booher

I can only speak for myself. Google has become my most valuable asset computerwise and will determine the qualities of my next computer purchase. If there must be a battle between the two I would like to see google facilitate the installation and improvment of linnux.

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